Nutrikids/ Lunch Program

Medway and East Millinocket School Departments use Nutrikids as their Point-of-Sale Lunch Program.

1.     All students in grades K-12 will have a 4-digit PIN # that will travel with them throughout their school years.

2.     Balances will automatically transfer between grades/ schools.

3.     Grades 5-12 will no longer have separate milk tickets.  We will put all money for milk, snacks, breakfast and lunch on the Nutrikids account.  Students in K-4 will still use milk tickets.

4.     Students will be able to charge snacks, milk, breakfast and lunch on to their Nutrikids account.

5.     Students can still use cash to pay for snacks and milk.

6.     Students can put their “change” on their account. 
a.     For example, if a student purchases a $1.00 snack and pays with $5.00, they can place the $4.00 in change onto their account for future purchases.

7.     Parents can receive email alerts for account balances.

If you want to receive email alerts, AND/OR DO NOT want your child to charge snacks to his/her account please:

1.  Send in a note with your child, or

2.  Contact Dawn Pray at 746-3470, or

3.  Email Dawn Pray at:

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