Standards-Based Learning

Medway Middle School has moved toward Standards-Based Grading.

Click here to see our standards that will be assessed for the school year.

Report cards will be graded on a 4-1 scale.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact your child's homeroom teacher.

Medway Middle School staff are learning more about how to best meet the needs of our students.  With the new CommonCore standards for English and Math, we feel it is important that we transform our curriculum and teaching practices. 

Though we have a long road ahead, we started this work by doing the following:
1.  Researching and reading articles/ books about personalized learning
2.  Observing other schools and teachers; seeing this "in action"
3.  "Unpack" the standards and build a transparent curriculum
4.  Create rubrics that are student friendly
5.  Separate academic understanding from behavior

Students will receive "two grades":  
1. What they know and understand (academic grade) 4-1

  Student work includes complexity, sophistication, originality and application that clearly exceeds what is expected. Student work meets the standard being assessed and meets all requirements. The expectation is that all students should be proficient in standards assessed. Student has demonstrated a good attempt to meet the standard, but needs more practice to achieve a 3. This is considered still a “work in progress.” The student does not demonstrate understanding of the standard. The student still needs guidance and prompting for understanding.

2. Are they a "Self-Directed Learner"? 

M (Meets the Standard)    

PM (Partially Meets the Standard)

DM (Does Not Meet the Standard)

-Exactly where you want your child to be

-Start a conversation with your child, “Why are you getting a PM in this class?”

-Should be a concern for parents & students

-Used for eligibility purposes for extracurricular activities