The MMS Team

Medway Middle School
25 Middle School Drive
Medway, ME 04460
Phone:  (207) 746-3470
Fax: (207) 746-9435
Superintendent Mr. Quenten Clark [email protected] 5
 Principal  Mrs. Alyssa Dickinson  [email protected] 3
 Secretary/ Accounts Payable    Mrs. Amy York [email protected]  2
Special Education Director/ School Counselor   Ms. Stacie Smith [email protected]  6
Administrative Assistant/ Payroll  Mr. Bill Adams  [email protected]  4
Superintendent & Special Education Secretary   Mrs. Casey McLaughlin [email protected]  6
 Grade 7 & 8 Math/ 7th Grade SS/ MLTI Teacher Leader Miss Molly McGinn [email protected]  
 Grade 7 & 8 Science & 7th Grade SS Mrs. Beth Whitehouse [email protected]  
 Grade 7 & 8 Reading & 8th Grade SS Mrs. Katy Pangburn [email protected]  
 Grade 7 & 8 Language Arts & 8th Grade SS Miss Jenna Walsh [email protected]  
 Grade 5 & 6 Math/ 6th Grade SS Mrs. Lynn Markie  [email protected]  
 Grade 5 & 6 Language Arts/ 6th Grade SS Mrs. Patty McKinnon [email protected]  
 Grade 5 & 6 Science/ 5th Grade SS Mrs. Laurie Robichaud [email protected]  
 Grade 5 & 6 Reading/ 5th Grade SS Miss Allie Currie [email protected]  
 Special Education Ms. Taylor Sulander [email protected]  
Special Education  Mrs. Jessica Green [email protected]  
Physical Education & Health Mrs. Rose Guy  [email protected]  
 Art Mrs. Casey McLaughlin [email protected]  
 Music/ Band Director/ Gifted and Talented Coordinator Mr. Zachary McEwen [email protected]  
School Nurse  Mrs. Morgan Ballard [email protected]
 Library Mrs. Donna Gallagher [email protected]  

 Athletic Director Mr. Aaron Hutchins [email protected] 
 Title IA Ed-tech Mrs. Tammi Brown  [email protected]
 Title IA Ed-tech Mrs. Julie Brown  [email protected]
Classroom Ed-tech   Mrs. Roxanne Pasanen [email protected]
 Classroom Ed-tech    
Title IA Ed-tech  Ms. Patty Perz [email protected]
Classroom Ed-tech Mrs. Colleen Towers [email protected]
Food Service/ Head Cook Melissa Brackett     [email protected]
 Food Service/ Cook Bonnie Bouchard [email protected]
 Speech & Language   Kim McNally [email protected]
Head Custodian  Scott Nicholson 746-3470 
 Custodian Tim Cole 746-3470